12 Years A Slave (of Planet Earth)

“But these days, it’s like we don’t know how to act
All these shootings, pollution, we under attack on ourselves
Like, let’s all just chill, respect what we built”

Before it’s too late and our hearts are just filled up with guilt. Hey, I could go on about badly we’re doomed and how miserable we can be. But a wise man told me that somehow writing a piece on how we are super screwed probably won’t make such an impact. For real though, how much of us are even convinced by protests? Most of them are disruptive and cause a disturbance in an urban rat racing society.

In early April this year, 200 arrests were made during a climate change protest in London. The Metropolitan Police said the protests were causing serious disruption to public transport and local businesses, with 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected. Here’s how it looked:

Before that, semi-naked activists glued themselves to windows in the public gallery of the House of Commons during a Brexit debate and here’s how that looked:

My point is, although these are some great efforts, they are logically futile. They make me feel uncomfortable. And why would I want to be submissive for a bunch of semi-naked Earth loving enthusiasts? Let me explain with a simple example,

I was always told not to eat junk food. My mom hovered around me constantly throwing fake news headlines and stopping me from ordering a burger. She did campaigns too, on Whatsapp. She sent me cringeworthy pictures of adulterated fast food. But that didn’t stop me from getting a Happy Meal. It wasn’t unless I suddenly started gaining weight and feeling lethargic, that I realized I should stop. How many smokers quit smoking after seeing Mukesh on the big screen?

We have become so individualistic in thought and opinion that persuasion, especially if it makes us step outside our comfort zone, doesn’t have much impact on us. So here’s a quick factual representation of how bad things are:

Don’t skip this video. thx.

Climate Change is real. It’s not distractive propaganda funded by some secret society. It’s definitely not content for conspiracy theories. It’s really happening.

Another wise man told me, “If you want me to help you, come with solutions, not problems. Don’t tell me how badly you’ve messed up. Rather tell me what I can do to help you.” I’m going to list down things, that might be a little outside your comfort zone, but in the near future, it will act as an investment you made for comfort itself. Here’s how your individual effort can help prevent Climate Change:

1.Green Your Commute:

Be friends with colleagues that come from the same place/area of residence as you to college/work. Share a ride with them.

Perks: i. you have friends now ii. there is one less car in the traffic iii. you pay less iv. you have side-kicks in case you get into an accident and it escalates into a road rage fight. v. You can help stop pollution and get access to breathable air 10 years later.

2. Save Energy:

Don’t put your phone on for charging overnight. Switch off and plug out after the battery is 100% If you want to put in more than 100% into something, try channeling it into your goals. Look for energy star labels while buying new appliances. This causes the power plants to expend less energy that can lead to the production of greenhouse gasses.

If you didn’t understand the previous sentence, just know that energy saved is energy earned and energy wasted makes the ozone layer burn.

3. Make Sure You Vote and Vote Wisely (in 4 years) :

Black Widow and Iron Man have sacrificed everything for us. We owe this to them. The current government notified a 25% safeguard duty on imported solar panels for a period of two years. The duty, typically imposed during import surges, is meant to protect domestic manufacturers. It is now bound to hike solar power tariffs in India since around 90% of panels the sector uses are made in China and Malaysia. India has around half-a-dozen makers of solar cells and modules, with a total capacity of around 3,000 MW. This is hardly enough to meet the country’s burgeoning demand.

Point being, the best ways to improve climate change is to help those who will fight against it get into office. This means voting for legislation and politicians that aid against the detrimental effects of climate change. 

4. Recycle:

Request for recycling bins at college/work. Make sure you have a separate garbage bag for plastic waste. Ever noticed skinny young boys and girls picking on garbage by the beaches in our city with a stick? They are hunting for plastic that can be recycled. Do your part so these kids can go and get an education instead. Say NO to plastic as you say NO to beggers pestering you for change at a traffic signal.

5. Cut Down on red meat:

Many of us love a good steak, but our love of meat can be pretty rough on the planet. 70% of global agricultural emissions come directly from livestock farming, while they also account for a staggering 37% of total worldwide methane emissions.

5. Educate Yourself And Others:

Follow informational pages on Instagram and Twitter. Keep up with ongoing campaigns and cleanliness drives. Research, Volunteer, Learn. Post some revolutionary content that can bring a change and foster sustainability. Don’t post depressing quotes. Don’t post petty flexes. And for the love of God, stop reposting baseless, illogical conspiracy theories made by uneducated, ignorant hippies who propagate the belief that everything in this world is a lie as an excuse to refrain from productivity.

The idea is to be 12 years a slave of Planet Earth. We are bound to give it sustainability and eco-friendliness in these 12 years. 12 years is the deadline a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has apparently given us.

2 thoughts on “12 Years A Slave (of Planet Earth)

  1. Do keep your mind open to all kinds of judgements and opinions, don’t get influenced or emotionally attached towards any of it but also accepting every aspect only helps you to analyse and understand the mere truth. I appreciate your attempt to express your concepts and vision of your ideology about life or maybe its just trying to manipulate dumb audiences by sneaking in your personal life disputes seeking attention towards partially legitimate and inadequate knowledge regarding the so called “FACTS” that you’ve blindly trusted as your sources. I don’t mean to disrespect/discourage/discriminate or belittle you by expressing my opinion that disagrees with some unfair judgements and would really like to suggest that you research some more and get to know all the good and bad parts of any story for being sufficiently eligible to make actual judgement considering both sides equally. There’s no competition that you need to prove someone else wrong only to prove your point right. There’s a lot more to the system that seems fictional to average humans as they’ve been manipulated to follow a system which mostly consists of feeding lies since the birth of a child. No need to false state made up opinions about sensitive topics just because you’re not educated about it yet.
    Only a foolish would argue with wisdom of a Cherokee, obviously more aware of reality than any messenger or whatever self claimed position you’ve assigned yourself for. Your attempted judgements highlight that you’re barely familiar about the insights and as you being a messenger of hope and spreading awareness through scripting your respective opinion on the worldwide free market for free audience to gain free access towards inappropriate information. I would highly recommend that you either post correct information or don’t write about things that you’re not yourself sure about. You hold a great power when you get to write for a reputed platform as yourself but you should also acknowledge the responsibility that comes along. You have an audience that looks upto you and would accept any rubbish fictions that you feed them as they trust the platform not the writer or vice versa. However its totally upto you how you wish to deal with your life, just don’t ruin or narrow the eyesight of the upcoming generation, making it harder for them to differentiate between right and wrong. It’s very easy to carelessly and selfishly make statements without considering it’s possible consequences. I am mature enough to guide you as well as manipulative much to misguide you, just because I withhold the power doesn’t necessarily mean I have to completely benefit myself by utilizing every aspect of the position. I know you are better than this, who knows better? There’s so much more to you than you know. Don’t limit yourself by disapproving or disagreeing about anything, keep yourself open to let in all the knowledge that there is out there. Once you’ve attained the adequate knowledge thus eligibility worth criticising, you’re good to go. I hope you’ve educated yourself with every part of my opinion. Don’t just rush to reply, take your time to analyse the true importance instead of being offended for correcting your flaws, I hope you understand my kindness and base your response accordingly.

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