An Underdog Has Emerged

A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.

When the entire country had thought that the Prime Minister’s dream of a Congress-free India was going to come true with the latest assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi emerged as a true underdog. And just like we do in the movies, I couldn’t help but root for him.

It doesn’t matter if you support him or not, the one thing you certainly can’t neglect is the difference in Rahul Gandhi from when he started out. Right from the time he shed his reluctant avatar and found his place as the president of the party, Rahul Gandhi has adopted a fierce strategy to show the shortcomings of the government. The Gujarat elections did see a close fight but not victory. But this staggering 3-0 victory in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh has reinstilled people’s faith in this young leader and has reinvented his image as a strong, confident and humble leader.

Humble. Yes, I choose those words carefully as this victory truly defined what kind of a leader Rahul Gandhi is. And humility may very well be one of his key strengths. After emerging victorious in 3 major states, Rahul Gandhi humbly accepted the victory, congratulated the opposition for giving a tough fight and declared that the credit belonged to all the candidates who fought. This showed that the win, although massive, didn’t distract him from the challenges lined up ahead.

When arrogance and hatred seem like the over-arching theme of the current government, a little humility, I believe, is all that may be needed at this point. It is true that he is directly opposing the BJP, but in his own words, he does not want to get rid of the party completely as he believes that a strong opposition is a key to a healthy democracy. That’s a sign of a mature leader, instead of the frightened ‘neta’ he once was.

I think the country demands a younger (comparatively at least!), newer perspective that can push aside the artificial issues and focus on the genuine ones. In my opinion, the country has more compelling issues than Ram Mandir and I seriously don’t want to believe that changing the names of a city is a top priority for the government. So I am desperately looking for a fresher leadership where the focus is not on religious warfare.

So is this Rahul Gandhi 2.0, you ask?

I am hopeful.
I am hopeful that when he gets a chance, it will not be a missed opportunity. That he will learn from the failures of the current government and stop misleading and misguiding the masses of the country. And I am hopeful that if this is Rahul Gandhi 2.0 then like he says, the focus will be on the genuine issues that plague the country.

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