Are we sensitive enough to victims of terrorism?

  Every-time I open my social media accounts I at least come across one post about a terrorist attack, with emotional pictures of the victims that makes me feel miserable. I open the post read the details, share the post with a caption of “pray for the victims” and then I move on. To the next piece of information provided on my social media platform.

  This “journey of minutes” has got to my thoughts lately. I started to question, if or not we are being sensitive enough reacting towards these victims of this large-scale monstrosities?

Terrorist attack in Sri Lanka leaves more than 200 dead

Nairobi: At least 68 dead in Kenyan shopping mall terror attack

49 dead in New Zealand terror attack: latest

40 CRPF Personnel Killed In Pulwama Terror Attack #BQ

   What do all of these events have in common? We have moved on from all of these, we took our time some events and with others it was easier, depending on the proximity and relevance to us.

Have we started accepting terrorism as just bad fate or one of the many adversities the world faces?

If yes, who do we blame for it?

  It could be the frequency of these events. We have already seen about 30+ terrorist attacks in just 5 months into 2019. Or is it the fact that we have too much on our plate, with the abundance of information online we do not have a great amount of attention span as a society. Or maybe, the governments through the globe for not taking terrorism seriously enough to take drastic steps against it.

 Hundreds and thousands of lives lost to these atrocities every year. Hundreds and thousands of dreams, aspirations, visions of our world all lost. We could be better than “pray for the victims” on this.

What can we do as citizens to help these victims of these events?

Share more than just prayers.

Donate. The smallest amount of your donation could help these victims and their families to deal with this misfortune they had to face. Share a charity portal on your social media platform that helps the victims of terrorism. Encourage your followers, friends and family to donate the smallest amount to these charities.

  1. GoFundME

2.Give A Little by Spark foundation

3.GlobalGiving Foundation

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