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By Rahul Puri

I have always thought that a teachers job is to try and make their students believe in themselves enough to make themselves heard. If a student of mine can find the courage to stand up, articulate themselves and hold their own in their opinions, whatever that opinion should be, I believe that they have found a voice.

A voice of reason, logic and empathy but also a voice of analysis, insight and critique. It is after all only when we look behind the news and between the lines of reportage that we can truly understand what is really going on. At Whistling Woods, I believe that our students want to know what is going on and will look firmly and carefully at the news cycle to discover their truth and use it to express their voice.

The power of the youth is something that cannot be harnessed by mere whistles. It is when those whistles begin to echo all around that the truth emerges from the dark it is shrouded in.

With that, I welcome you all to Whistles and Echoes.

Rahul Puri

Head of Academics

Whistling Woods International

Our team

Whistling Woods School of Media and Communication

Rahul Puri

Faculty incharge

Rahul is religiously into Star Wars, Liverpool Football Club and of course, Christmas. Under the age of 40, he has managed the feat of running a school of over 1600 students. When asked for something he’s really good at, he replied, sarcasm.

Laili Dutta

faculty incharge

A woman with a camera in one hand and the microphone in the other, Laili is a documentary filmmaker and a music enthusiast. She loves dissecting frames of films and she is stirred by the genius Eric Clapton. If there is one word that perfectly describes her, its ‘artsy’.

Anandita Chandra


Living up to her name, which literally translates to the giver of happiness Anandita lives lightly and spreads the cheer with her great sense of humour. A travel bug, she’s been to about 20 countries and is always wondering, what next?

Bishabh is big on traveling and enjoys jamming to pop music. He is a huge advocate for LGBTQ rights and writing poetry is very close to his heart.

Abhas Jain


Abhas is a co-founder of a social entrepreneurship project. He has worked for social upliftment of trafficked women, sex workers and slum dwellers. He loves to listen to music, watch sports, watch movies and TV shows. He is a budding writer and editor. He is curious and in his free time, he hears podcasts and finds new and innovative ways to procrastinate.

Sarah Zia

senior writer

In her own words, Sarah believes she’s a mediocre artist who also enjoys rollerskating and reading. A bit of a control freak, she enjoys consistency in everything. If she’s a little (or completely) cuckoo around you, it means she quite enjoys your company.

Radhit Arora

senior Writer &
website designer

Radhit loves a good book that will keep him engaged and engrossed! (thrillers are his personal favourite) He is a tech-geek but tries not to bore people by rambling about it! Whenever a little low, his guitar can lift his spirits! He takes pride in being a committed Potterhead!

Shubh Desai

Senior Writer

Classifying as a proud geek, Shubh is a nonchalant soul who enjoys reading. He absolutely loves everything that has to do with Batman (& DC), Starwars, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Pop Culture in general. He’s also a huge Bollywood buff!

Rohitendra Chatterjee

Podcast Head &

An aspiring writer and a film maker, he loves to make fan posters in his free time! Will geek out every time someone talks about Jurassic Park! He is also an avid traveler.

Rachit Daruka

podcast and Video Head

From finding his passion behind the proscenium, Rachit has ventured into films and is now an aspiring filmmaker. A compulsive storyteller who finds inspiration in the most ordinary situations and dreams of painting the celluloid with realistic stories.

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