Tech in 2019 – Biggest Tech Trends We Will See This Year.

While we zoom out of the tech year 2018, the first month of 2019 itself indicates a major tech trend shift. Starting from the biggest tech event CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 on 6th January where the tech industry will be present to give us a glimpse at what to expect over the tech year 2019.

The prime focus are the mobile phones. While 2018 was a year full of notches, 2019 is more likely focusing on reducing the size of these notches and their solution to this is the Infinity-O displays with punch out notches. This means that the front is all screen with just a front facing camera. This trend is already kick started by Huawei Nova4 and Samsung Galaxy A8s.

Another major trend we will see in 2019, is the Triple-camera setup. 2018 did bring us few masterpieces from various brand trying out this camera fashion. But in 2019, it seems that this will become hereditary in all high-end smartphones. The three camera sensors will be the Main sensor+ Wide Angle camera+ Telephoto camera for depth/ bokeh effect.bokeh 1Image result for three camera sensor apple

Next, revolution will happen in the display section. With major brands pitching foldable displays, we can see a greater curl towards the betterment of screens on every device you use. Of course, it does not mean that you will be seeing everyone having a foldable smartphone or a foldable TV set, but it surely will mark a start for the TV revolution. And speaking of TVs, LG and Samsung are both set to launch their 8K displays at the CES 2019. The problem is, we do not have a lot of 8K content to watch! And besides these TV sets are going to be really expensive.

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Apart from the mainstream consumer electronics, 3D printing is going to get more diverse. Now, they will be able to print ceramic objects! VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) will continue to improve with bigger brands trying to bring out their own hardware for the same. Electric cars are going to be a big contributor to the technological adaptations in 2019. They will not be a mainstream item for now but we can expect them to take over sooner than planned.

CES 2019 will pitch the 5G mobile network band but it won’t make it to the general market until Q4 2019. Well, now that we have foldable screens, what about the battery! Leave that to Jenax- a company that pitches to sell foldable lithium-ion batteries. And they even have the prototype ready! Now that’s a FLEX!

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