Why did people cheer at that bumper sticker? and other experiences of Marvel noob

Written by – Sami Chowdhary

First things first, I am not a big time Marvel fan. I have watched almost all their movies but never critically analyzed them to decide who should do what and die when. I leave that to my extremely ambitious superhero lovin’ muggle friends. 

Marvel Universe of Avengers movies came to an end this weekend with their last movie Avengers: Endgame. The hype that this movie created (especially in India) will be written down in history, and the Guinness world record of “The most number of people wearing the same shirt on one day”

This beautiful end to a saga starts with the introduction of the superheros peaceful lives and the one I personally liked was that of Hulk’s. I mean who would’ve thought that a part-time angry giant man could pull off a full time and this time with CLOTHES on. #GoGreen

A few of the avengers then gather in their HQ and plan to get the infinity stones back from Thanos and guess who helps them find the ugly devil? Thanos’s daughter. Yes, you heard it right, Thano’s daughter’s disappointment in her father led to her betraying her own blood (For all the right reasons, obviously and let’s face it, Karma spares nobody). This scene was followed by extremely pumped up music to which the avengers went looking for Thanos. To their surprise, he had already destroyed the stones and Thor didn’t like it as much. So, he did what every normal superhero would do when angry. He chopped off Thano’s head (unlike last time) 

I honestly enjoyed each and every bit of the fight and especially because the crowd was insane. It took me 2 sips of water and an eye-stroll around the theatre to realise that no this isn’t Gaety Galaxy and I’m not watching a Salman Khan movie. People were yelling screaming and whistling, so much so, that an hour into the movie a 60-65 year old man started to cheer really loudly, that’s when I realized that this movie had no target audience. It targeted hearts directly. 

A few years later, the Avengers then assemble in the HQ again sulking over the infinity stones and how much energy they had wasted for nothing. The bell rings and enter AntMan.

The most desirable avenger who came up with an extremely practical plan of going back in time and getting the stones from Thanos before he destroyed them. WOW! They all argue and eventually agree to the plan and Hulk decides to bring out this badass van that let’s people Time Travel. They test it out a couple of times on Captain America but he either comes back really old or young. What an ideal substitute to plastic surgery. The Kardashians just saved so much time. Imagine Kim waking up one day looking fly and then saying to herself “This is exactly how I want to look everyday” BOOM! Next day she enters the bad ass van and her looks go back to the previous day. Problem Solved. Thor after the first attempt to get the infinity stones became less of a superhero and more of a I guess a big lazy lump? Within those years he grew a big beer belly and was the most ignorant Avenger.

Unfortunately, the Machine doesn’t work according to their desire and they have to beg Tony Stark to help them out, as usual. Through Iron Man’s great mind and Pepper’s convincing skills they are ready with their very own Time Machine and then travel back in time to look for the infinity stones. When they travel back in time, Tony Starks meets his dad by accident and what a beautiful scene it was. The conversation they had was about children and their upbringing when Howard Stark was completely unaware of the fact that he is talking to his own son. 

However, Thanos being the sneaky little rascal he is, finds out about this entire situation and feels betrayed and angry. 

 This ends up in a war between the Avengers and Thanos’sarmy for the infinity stones. Now I know why Indian’s wear so many rings with different stones, they’re secretly hoping for superpowers. The movie’s script was a solid 10 because they gave the fans what they were there for. Bringing out all the events at the end was an absolute genius idea. 

Endgame is a 3 hour work of art that leaves you speechless. Trust me when I tell you that I have never had goosebumps for so long in a movie. I recommend you watch the movie and hopefully you will feel what the Marvel fans felt. 

Now that I am somewhat familiar with the Marvel fanboy lingo, I’d like to end my article with

Nuff’ Said


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